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    Military Service


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    Military Service

    Post  reconsniperga on 01.07.09 22:28

    I was just curious who here is serving or has served in the Military. If you don't mind, I would like to know the branch you served or serving in. Please don't "Ima gonna be a SEAL..." when you haven't even enlisted, and is most likely far away from it.


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    Re: Military Service

    Post  Guest on 01.07.09 23:05

    I am in the ROTC Corps of Cadets at NGCSU (MILITARY COLLEGE OF GA!!!) I PLAN on going into the Army as an officer in the Infantry. I also participate in an extracurricular Specialty Unit called the Aggressors. This involvement and participation in Aggressor training actually adds points to my final scoring that decides wether or not I can go Infantry. If I am chosen to go Infantry than I will have to go through Ranger school, and get my RangerTab, which is another dream of mine. My ultimate dream, although somewhat far-fetched but none the less something I will pursue with all of my heart is to one day be an officer in a Ranger unit.

    Also, when you sign up to be in an X-Ray unit, as in a unit that is in the SOCOM branch, like the Rangers, SF, or even sign up to be in units like the SEALs or ParaRescue, it is very unlikely that you will get in. They use these things as a lure to get young people into the service. They promise you that you can be a hard-core action packed killer, but you always end up wherever they want you. SOCOM is reserved for the experienced and the elite, never forget that, only the best and the strongest make it, there is no contract that you can sign in ink that will ever get you into a SOCOM unit. The only way in is through your blood sweat and tears, and even then, only if you are the best of your class. That is why I stated earlier, that my ULTIMATE dream is to command a Ranger Unit, I will pursue this, but I make no reservations on it actually happening. Don't let some punk tell you he signed up for SF and therefore is a badass, cause he'll end up working under the QuarterMaster in Afghanistan instead (hahahahahaha!).

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    Re: Military Service

    Post  Spectre on 01.07.09 23:16

    I am an Army cadet at UGA. I actually plan to enlist rather than accept my commission and go in as a specialist and work my way up the enlisted ranks. I hope to one day be a CSM.

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    Re: Military Service

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