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    CA M16 (with extras!)


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    CA M16 (with extras!)

    Post  Hans on 25.08.09 21:51

    I'm finally deciding to sell my Classic Army M16, which i've only used on a couple of skirmishes. I've decided that I didn't it need due to my current money problems

    Anyway, here's everything that's not stock that's included with the gun:

    Systema Gearbox
    Systema Magnum motor
    Ics Trigger Unit
    Systema Shims
    MOSFET with active breaking
    A custom AOE job
    RIS unit
    extended Deans wiring w/ taymia connectors

    All this was proffesionally installed by a tech i've played with at SACOM when it was still open. He also sanded down the grip, stock, and foregrip, with krylon tan. And I'm also including these spare parts and stand-alone upgrades:

    Echo 1 Hi-cap
    8.4 small deans battery
    Bi-pod foregrip
    6.03 Prometheus TB barrel
    Firefly Hop up nub (hard)
    Firefly Hop up bucking (hard)
    SP110 Spring (400 fps)
    AIM Red dot ($60 value)
    Classic Army Double Screw Silencer ($45 value)

    The only problem that I've countered with this gun, is a small amount of barrel wobble. This could all be fixed by a new delta ring or something to keep the RIS in place. I am Asking $250. I take cash/paypal only. Meeting at Airsoft Atlanta, or somewhere else between us would work out the best. Please PM me with questions, or if you'd like to discuss the price. Pictures will be up later

    Thanks - Hans

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    Re: CA M16 (with extras!)

    Post  Hans on 26.08.09 21:14


    and pics: http://img194.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=gun1h.jpg

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    Re: CA M16 (with extras!)

    Post  airsoftsniper25 on 27.08.09 10:18


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    Re: CA M16 (with extras!)

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