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    Selling Everything! From guns to garts of guns



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    Selling Everything! From guns to garts of guns

    Post  Electioneer on 26.01.09 20:36


    Welcome Friend,

    Rules & etc.
    PP or MO, PP preferred
    Trades only for nice GBB or CASH CASH CASH
    I ship within 24 hours of receiving payment
    I ship first on trades
    I have feedback, search Electioneer in the good buyer and seller forum
    I ship in double corrugated cardboard, UPS ground unless requested otherwise
    30215 for shipping costs

    STAR M16 SIR-L


    JBU Full teeth aluminum Piston
    Modify Piston Head
    Modify Cylinder
    Modify Cylinder head
    Wired to Deans

    It lost compression on the stock part and was shooting around 300 fps, turns out the piston head what cracked and the Cylinder head was really loose.
    Now its shoots around 330 Fps


    JBU barrel extension
    PDI CW to CCW adaptor
    [Bushnell 6-24X50 scope (illuminated red and green)
    Powerizer 9.6v 4200 MaH battery
    Battery Bag

    Its comes with a stock STAR metal midcap, I have 6 mag midcaps I can add on for extra.

    With shipping costs from china and the parts from stateside all of this is worth from $750-$800


    This is a loose price, give me an offer

    Classic Army G3 Officizer


    JBU Aluminum piston head w/ bearings
    JBU cylinder head
    JBU cylinder
    Systema Nozzle
    Prommy Bushings
    G&G m120


    CA G3 Stock
    CA G3 low Profile Mount
    Mp5 Lighted Fore-grip

    4 Hi-caps
    CA RIS for G3/Mp5
    Mp5 Lighted forgrip


    WE 5.1 Hi-Capa

    Bone Stock, Got it for my brother but he broke it so now I have to sell it (sigh)


    -It holds about 10 shots worth of gas, might just be a bad valve.
    -bottom of the mag broke off cause the fool dropped it, Nothing damaged other then that plastic part of it
    +Just get a new mag and your off and running


    Intellect 9.6v 3600MAH Battery

    This is also busted, Ehobbyasia gave me a RMA code but shipping out weights the cost of buying a new battery.
    There is just a bad cell in the battery, I would replace it but last time I tinker with a battery it melted part of my table...



    Posts : 612
    Join date : 2009-01-26
    Age : 22
    Location : Fayetteville, GA

    Re: Selling Everything! From guns to garts of guns

    Post  Electioneer on 26.01.09 20:37


    E1 Complete M16 Gearbox - $38

    Wired To the back, Shoots around 340-350 fps with a pretty nice ROF

    Systema Torque up gears - $50

    Brand new, have been placed in a gearbox only to find out the gearbox was different than TM. The third to last tooth has been broken off cause of the stupid gearbox but it does not have any effect on the performance.

    Guarder Reinforced Ver. 2 Geabox - $35

    Brand new, Never even had anything put in it

    Modify Piston - $35

    Brand new again, Good with M130 Springs

    Modify M130 Spring - $10

    Brand new, gets you AEG up to around 440 fps

    Modify Metal Ball Bearing spring guide - $8

    Brand New, Great for hotter AEGS

    6mm Metal Bushings - $7

    Brand new

    Reinforced Tappet Plate - $7

    What's more to say? Good for Hot AEGs

    Echo 1 M16 VN partout

    VN front end - $30

    Yes, I know the flashhider is wrong.

    Comes with:
    Outer barrel
    Front Sight

    Plastic M16 body - $15

    Stage Arms trademarks

    Inner Barrel +hop-up - $15


    No-name Motor - $15[/b]

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