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    Re: SELLING - TM MP5A4

    Post  Guest on 05.10.09 20:31

    What LW is trying to stress is this CrazyTwitch: The gun is being sold at a price that is rather inflated because of the cost of the INSTALATION of the part, not the part itself, which in many people's opinion shouldn't be included in the price. Previous labor on a used gun should not be included into how much the gun goes for resale. Instead, it should be a sum total of what parts are in the weapon and what condition it is in. The house deal was an analogy, which was perfectly sound and made sense, alluding to the situation as if it where in terms of selling a home.


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    Re: SELLING - TM MP5A4

    Post  firby911 on 05.10.09 20:51

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