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    New CQB gun.....



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    New CQB gun.....

    Post  {ACE}Steve-o on 06.11.09 16:38

    http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.php?cPath=21_44_229&products_id=28240 THis or

    http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.php?cPath=21_44_219&products_id=23911 this??

    The G&P is probably nicer but take into consideration the price difference. Is the SRC good internally? External is not my concern, because obviously the G&P looks better. I mean would it be worth the extra 130? ive heard the new SRC gearboxes are insane.


    Please don't just say the G&P because it looks prettier. lol.

    I want feedback on both guns internals/personal experience with each.


    Re: New CQB gun.....

    Post  Guest on 06.11.09 16:58

    Definitly go with the SRC, excellent weapon, internals a solid, but you should really ask Tak, he uses one. And personally I think that while the G&P has the best external quality the SRC looks alot cooler.


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    Re: New CQB gun.....

    Post  TrunkMonkey on 06.11.09 17:56

    G&P one.

    They have really improved there internals and there externals are also very nice. Defiantly the best out of those two.


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    Re: New CQB gun.....

    Post  scooter on 06.11.09 17:57

    SRC!!! i love my src internals cheers should be a great gun.. but if you can get the gen 3


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    Re: New CQB gun.....

    Post  Twitch on 06.11.09 18:00

    Go with the G&P in my opinion. Reed had a gun from them and it was beast!.

    I have had terrible luck with SRC guns. They are junk in my opinion.



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    Re: New CQB gun.....

    Post  firby911 on 06.11.09 18:32

    g&p,hands down

    Crazy Twitch

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    Re: New CQB gun.....

    Post  Crazy Twitch on 06.11.09 19:25

    firby911 wrote:g&p,hands down


    G&G M4
    A&K SR-25


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    Re: New CQB gun.....

    Post  Electioneer on 06.11.09 19:27

    G&P>SRC from my experiences.

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    Re: New CQB gun.....

    Post  |337 on 06.11.09 19:49

    Thats the Gen II SRC which is a POS, if you get an SRC get the GEN III, they are atleast comparable to G&P if not better. OTA has the Gen III guns, they are the only place i know of to get them atm.


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    Re: New CQB gun.....

    Post  NJSC on 06.11.09 22:14

    Looking at keeping it only stock?

    Boom that just happened.


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    Re: New CQB gun.....

    Post  Rhino on 06.11.09 22:28

    I would get the G&P even though the gears in them really suck! everything else is sweet on the G&P

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    Re: New CQB gun.....

    Post  Tinman on 07.11.09 19:15

    Would not consider a gen II SRC but the gen III are truly nice!

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    Re: New CQB gun.....

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