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    PSA December AEG Raffle!!!!!


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    PSA December AEG Raffle!!!!!

    Post  Q-bald on 08.11.09 9:56

    Since Operation Great Fortune has been postponed and will not be here in time for the Holidays, PSA will be doing a raffle instead!

    PSA will be raffling off 3-4 items! 2 of these items have already been decided. The last 2 will be based on the amount of tickets sold, and your votes.

    Here are the items you can vote for:


    SOCOM Gear m1911 MEU

    Echo 1 SCAR

    Raffle Rules, Regs and Info
    OFFICIAL STAFF cannot buy tickets, and cannot win. Official Staff members are the Head Mod, Admin, and Root Admin. Moderators are not part of our staff and can buy tickets and win!

    Here are the 2 items that we know we will be raffling:

    JG M16A4
    Brand New, Never Used, Tested and Working
    Includes: Hi-cap, cleaning rod and manuals

    CYMA G-Series AEP
    Brand New, Never Used, Tested and Working
    Includes: Battery, 1 Mag, Speed Loader, Manuals

    1) Raffle Tickets cost $5 each, and you can buy as many as you want.
    2) Peach State Airsoft will stop accepting ticket purchases AFTER November 30th.
    3) Peach State Airsoft will announce the winner(s) on Friday, December 4th around noon.
    4) Winner(s) will be responsible for shipping costs associated with their winnings.
    5) You can only win one item per ticket. If you purchase multiple tickets, you can win as many items as you have tickets.
    6) Peach State Airsoft will not make profits from this raffle. All ticket purchases will go to future Ops, Giveaways and other website related expenses.

    **If you payed to hold a spot for OP: Great Fortune, you will automatically get 1 raffle ticket. If you paid whole price, you will get 2. This does not take away from the value of your Preregistration, you will still get all of that money off for the next Operation.

    You can purchase tickets from this page:

    Original Link HERE! GO VOTE ON YOUR FAV. ............... http://forums.peachstateairsoft.com/index.php?showtopic=848&pid=7049&st=0&#entry7049

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