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    AEG liquidation


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    AEG liquidation

    Post  |337 on 12.01.10 22:47

    I need to thin the herd, I have been getting into classics and haven to many AEG's

    First up is my TM G36C, asking 250 OBO, it has been upgraded with a Prometheus barrel, KV stock, wired to deans and to the stock. It internally has an M120, Classic army gears, guarder bushings and spring guide and an SRC ultra motor.

    Second, is my fairly new SRC GENIII XM-8 asking 200 OBO, this is the Nylon Fiber version NOT the crappy plastic one, also comes with the GENIII internals. It is pretty much stock aside from an M120, its shooting 390, and the spring is fully broken in. Pics will come shortly

    Third, my CA B&T MP5 http://www.airsoftatlanta.com/product_p/60073.htm asking 200 OBO, it has been upgraded with a JG magnum motor (much better than stock) as well as; M120, X ring, Guarder spring guide, guarder cylinder head and a TM bucking. Pics will come shortly

    Lastly (for now) is the last of my ACM guns, a Galaxy MP5K 70 OBO, it has a classic army motor and a classic army bucking, needs the barrel installed, as it is not in the gun and I dont feel like taking it apart, havent used it much, It has a M4 buffer tube and LE stock and can accept other stocks such as the magpul MOE or a crane stock. Pics coming soon.

    For trades priority goes to M14s, and Classics, specifically Asahi bushmasters.

    If you have something really good I can add cash or trade multiple guns and vice versa

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