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    guns and stufff

    {PWNY} RED

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    guns and stufff

    Post  {PWNY} RED on 28.03.10 21:27

    on well im tired of high rof, after rolling with a good range acurrate gun i realized that i enjoy the single tap rather than ROF

    i have a echo1 mp5, metal rail system, high speed motor, full stock gears making a whine, maybe pinion gear! but still shooting

    and a JG G3 sg1 unique paintjob mostly stock except new gears, not shooting, thinking melted trigger contacts

    im looking to sell these at reasonable prices, im not good at selling so make offers or suggestions
    ask questions

    i will also be interested in trade of a SR25 its my goal gun
    ask me anything guys
    both would make good project guns!!
    and many expirianced my mp5 on the feild!!
    just some kid

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    Re: guns and stufff

    Post  just some kid on 28.03.10 21:42

    trade my jg aug for you're mp5? i have pics under the wts section. jg steyr aug is the title.

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    Re: guns and stufff

    Post  NJSC on 28.03.10 22:10

    you must post a price it's in the rules.

    Boom that just happened.

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    Re: guns and stufff

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