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    Force Operation X "FOX" Unit


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    Force Operation X "FOX" Unit

    Post  Syco on 26.05.10 1:49

    Hello Metro Atlanta Airsoft, We are a recently formed team from Lilburn, GA Looking to find some fun games and fun people to play with. We are currently made up of 3 people and are geared more towards V.I.P. and C.Q.B. missions, but would love to have more people added to our team!

    Team Members:
    Evan "Syco" Marbury (captain)
    Josh "DTF" Brown
    Charles Quillian

    Team Logo:

    as for people looking to join, we don't really have an age limit to say, but if you're not in the local(lilburn) area, then ya gotta be able to drive or have some sort of transportation.

    we've recently been going up to Goldeagle airsoft arena in Discover mills since its closer than most places, but a lot of our game time has been in about 10 acres of forest in my back yard.

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    Re: Force Operation X "FOX" Unit

    Post  Rambo on 26.05.10 16:32

    Good luck to your team! I have a team thats pretty fresh on the scene and we would like to say best of luck to yours!
    Take a trip to Airdog if you can one Saturday. You wont be disappointed Very Happy

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    Re: Force Operation X "FOX" Unit

    Post  Bulldog94 on 26.05.10 21:27

    The Legion Berets welcomes your team! Keep up the work in building this team and your team will be very successful.. When the Legion started out we only had 2 individuals.. now look at us. If you need any help just let me know.

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    Re: Force Operation X "FOX" Unit

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