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    looking for a p90


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    looking for a p90

    Post  Scarface on 30.06.10 19:57

    hey guys i am looking for a p90 with some mags maybe let me know if you know of any or where i can get one for a good price. thanks guys

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    Re: looking for a p90

    Post  Ghost on 30.06.10 20:04

    I think Reaper might have one he's trying to sell.

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    Re: looking for a p90

    Post  NJSC on 30.06.10 21:42


    Boom that just happened.

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    Re: looking for a p90

    Post  ownage1 on 01.07.10 0:36

    I jave an echo1 p90 with a gearbox that locks up alot/ is on the fritz. With 1 midcap and1 hicap. Ill sell it for. 85$.

    Crazy Twitch

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    Re: looking for a p90

    Post  Crazy Twitch on 01.07.10 0:56

    I have an Tokyo Marui P90 for sale. PM if your interested.

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    Re: looking for a p90

    Post  WAH123 on 07.04.11 17:23

    JG P90 barely used, comes with everything including charger and crappy extra mag. Shoots 352 as of last week, message if interested.

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    Re: looking for a p90

    Post  #CW!!ZERO on 07.04.11 17:33

    This conversation ended almost a year ago, look at the last post and if you wish to contact this topic starter then send him a PM to see if he is still interested

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    Re: looking for a p90

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