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    The Scariest Game of All Time...



    The Scariest Game of All Time...

    Post  Guest on 16.09.10 11:16

    A small but highly reputed Swedish developer released a game last week called Amnesia. It runs on the same style as their cult hit Penumbra, another survival horror game. Basically, you have no weapons, when the game starts, it tells you not to try and fight your enemies, you run away and hide from them. You are trying to get to the center of a decrepid castle in England, and you must solve puzzle in order to do this. However, your character suffers from a form of dementia. When you sit in the darkness, you start to go insane (there is an insanity meter), and you start to have delusions, first crawling bugs, then collapsing walls, then utter insanity and death. However, light draws your enemies closer, and seeing your enemy face to face also causes you to drastically spike in your insanity level ( believe me, the enemies are straight out of a nightmare ). So when you encounter one, you have to make the choice of going slightly crazy for a long time in the darkness hiding or going crazy faster by trying to rush past them. Its a challenging game mechanic because no matter what you do you're character will begin to suffer delusions and walk funny, breathe funny, and say some really strange stuff. The only way to lower your insanity level is standing in the light, which can be provided by matches you can find sitting around of oil lamps, but this attracts your enemies...


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    Re: The Scariest Game of All Time...

    Post  NJSC on 16.09.10 12:49

    What platforms? Looks awesome

    Boom that just happened.

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    Re: The Scariest Game of All Time...

    Post  RIP on 16.09.10 13:50

    Its a computer game
    theres a Demo for it on Steam, its so scary

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    Re: The Scariest Game of All Time...

    Post  Bulldog94 on 16.09.10 21:20

    WOW Thats epic..

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    Re: The Scariest Game of All Time...

    Post  superchrisguy on 22.09.10 11:53

    I played the demo.....so freaky!!

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    Re: The Scariest Game of All Time...

    Post  flipa on 03.10.10 17:52

    Bought it on Steam, played for 10 minutes then turned it off. Can't take the horror, I must be in the right mood.

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    Re: The Scariest Game of All Time...

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