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    Guns for sell


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    Guns for sell

    Post  navyseal1000 on 20.09.10 22:49


    I am trying to ''thin'' my herd a little. I have decided to sell a couple of my guns. Christmas is a few short months away. I will post these on craigslist.

    JG G36C, its all stock. I will include a Lipo with this gun, I had Rhino put a reg connector on it. So no, there is no deans on this one. PS: The tags used to clamp them together have broken off, I have no idea why, but they are super fragile.

    Tokyo Marui MP5A4. Full tune up kit installed. I will include 2 8.4 batteries (large) and an extra hicap.

    I will accept $140 for the G36 (with Lipo battery and hicaps) and $180 for the MP5 (with batteries and hicap).

    Well, hope I didn't bore you with my long post..so?
    Have fun!
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    Re: Guns for sell

    Post  Newnan Airsoft Player on 20.09.10 22:58

    Nice Collection! Good Luck With the Sale! Glad too see you on the forums!

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