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    Team Highland


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    Team Highland

    Post  theangryschnoodle on 14.10.10 21:29

    Common Name: Team Highland
    Location: Intown Atlanta
    Website: http://teamhighland.com/ and You Tube, https://www.youtube.com/user/TeamHighlandAirsoft?feature=mhum
    # of Members: 5.

    About Us: We've been playing together for about 4 years now. We haven't been a team until early 2010. We're a small group of guys. We occasionally add new people but not very often. Above all, were just a group of friends, that's what makes playing together and training easy to coordinate, and a lot more fun. We also enjoy buying gear and trying to standardize the way we look. We're competitive in the way we play but never let that get in the way of having fun and playing fair.

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    Skillez pure

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    Re: Team Highland

    Post  Skillez pure on 07.05.11 1:13

    I was lucky to play with these guys at SSAirsoft. They are a very organized team and take the game serious. Most teams you hear of dont go to ops or stuff. These guys are what a team should be. Anyone that gets invited to try for this team has to be honored

    NO I AM NOT ON THEIR TEAM Sad I dont think i could make it....

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    Re: Team Highland

    Post  NJSC on 07.05.11 5:28

    but your skillez are so pure.

    Boom that just happened.


    Re: Team Highland

    Post  Guest on 03.10.11 0:17

    I was able to play with Team Highland the other day at TangoCharlie Airsoft. Great group of players, definitely squared away. I think the things that set them apart from other teams the most are:

    A) uniforms - these guys have legit uniforms, all primarily the same gear, and all the same camo setup, looks very solid and clean, even their weapon systems are more or less the same, looking at them you can easily tell they are a team

    B) communication - they were all coordinated with radios that they had on headsets, no annoying chatter or over exaggerated comms, just concise to the point relays of information

    Team Highland is definitely a team to look out for when you hit the field.

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    Re: Team Highland

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