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    Buying Brass Guard Equip Mesh Masks- discounted holiday price


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    Buying Brass Guard Equip Mesh Masks- discounted holiday price

    Post  andthenhewent on 19.12.10 17:40

    Hey guys,

    Since it is the holidays, I think we all know that many airsoft items are on sale. I also know a lot of people have been looking for a different type of mask that gives people the ability to look down a long optic(a designated marksmen or sniper) as well as give them full face protection. The new Russian face masks from http://brassguardequip.com are very popular masks that give people this option.To get a mask, you can buy them overseas from Russia or from Airsoft Atlanta for a much more expensive price. Here is the comparison of the bare price for each type of mask:

    -------------brassguardequip.com------Airsoft Atlanta
    New Stalker----$17--------------------------$50

    The reason for the price discrepancy is the cost of shipping overseas which I have not included in the bare price. WHAT BRASSGUARDEQUIP HAS OFFERED FOR THE HOLIDAYS HOWEVER IS FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OF 30+ MASKS!!! Personally, I am dying to try one of these. But I figured, why pay triple the price when I could just get 29 others to order theirs along with me.

    So if you are interested in saving a bit of money, respond in this thread, pm, or email me @ brandtbrian123@gmail.com. Tell me which mask you would like and and we can arrange how we can deal with the money. If there are not enough people involved, the deal is off. However if there are more than enough people then I will pay the upfront amount(around $900) and then I will meet with each person individually to give them their mask and pay me back. Let me know what you guys think-- remember this offer will be closed probably within the first few weeks in January.

    - Brian

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