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    Tokyo Mauri Reddot P90


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    Tokyo Mauri Reddot P90 Empty Tokyo Mauri Reddot P90

    Post  #CW!!ZERO on 08.03.11 13:50

    Trying to get rid of my TM P90 with a built in reddot, the gun shoots 39 rps on an 11.1v lipo and 22rps on a 7.4v lipo. It has the following parts inside:

    Gun $215
    RiotSC Chromoly 13.76.1 Gears $130
    Guarder Tappet Plate $12
    Modify Cylinder Head $20
    Rhino's Mosfet $40
    M120 Spring $12
    Matrix Turbo Motor $45
    Guarder Aluminum Cylinder Head $14
    Promy Antireversal Latch $10
    Promy Cutoff Lever $30
    Promy Air Nozzle $12
    Madbull Blue Hopup Rubber $12
    Guarder Bushings $15
    Metal Spring Guide (forgot the make)
    Azimuth Piston $15

    2 High Caps $40 a piece

    So the gun is worth near about $600 with $80 in mags and im just wanting $400 for everything, just let me know if ur interested or want any pictures of the gun.

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    Tokyo Mauri Reddot P90 Empty Re: Tokyo Mauri Reddot P90

    Post  -a|ex on 08.03.11 18:19

    nice setup bro...
    unfortunately, i'm looking for an unmodified TM p90. let me know if you are willing to restore to stock and the upgrades separately. i have ryan's DSG kit waiting for a TM p90.

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    Tokyo Mauri Reddot P90 Empty Re: Tokyo Mauri Reddot P90

    Post  CUSTOMCAMO on 14.02.13 19:46

    u still have it? willing to trade any two (maybe three) of these guns... (and maybe some cash)
    classic army armalite m15
    classic army armalite m15 blowback
    we G36
    tokyo marui scorpion
    king arms blaser r93
    kwa mp7 with 5 mags

    really like that gun setup... pictures? fps? (trying to see if it is ss legal...)

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    Tokyo Mauri Reddot P90 Empty Re: Tokyo Mauri Reddot P90

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