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    Project ----- KWA G18c



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    Re: Project ----- KWA G18c

    Post  #CW!!ZERO on 12.04.11 22:00

    Newnan Airsoft Player wrote:
    #CW!!ZERO wrote:
    Silent_Option wrote:I was thinking of doing the same thing if he will take it in. i called Airsoft ATL and the guy said they probablly wouldnt take it, but i could let them look at it to know for sure. he said their tech usually only deals with aegs, which is crap if you ask me.

    I would highly recommend you NOT bring your gun to AA, their techs are awful and know nothing about guns, if you bring it to the shop ryan will be able to get you squared away. Its worth it.
    Theres only one guy there that knows a thing or two about gas guns, and thats John (I think thats his name) hes got gauges in his ears. Not sure if he works there anymore but he's your best bet if you went with AA, but you would have to do the work as far as repairing even if they diagnose the problem.

    All I know is that every person that has gone there has come back with more problems then what it started with, I know people they have given guns back to with missing handguards and other body parts, and I have witnessed being in there with a definite stripped gear and the guy insisted it was motor height, we just sat there and laughed to the side lol

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    Re: Project ----- KWA G18c

    Post  Silent_Option on 12.04.11 23:12

    Yeah, i may do some shopping there, but when the guy said they mostly deal with just aeg's I kinda felt like their repair shop was a joke, and won't be using their services for repairs.

    I think i have found the problem anyway with that part 267, but finding the part is whole different story!

    Thing is after messing with said part the hammer is resetting fairly low now, but i still plan to look for the part because i dont think its fixed.

    And just a helping hand if you dont have the allen wrench for the selector pin screw it is a .035 standard size hex-key, kind of hard to find. Looked at home depot lowes sears and autozone and no one had smaller than a .050. i did find them online but they were 50 cents and 9.47 for shipping!! I lucked up with a local referral and found a tool shop where i work that had them in stock, but i couldnt find the size anywhere so thought i would spread the info.

    Got the slide apart and waiting on the new slide and barrel. in the meantime I'm going to polish the old slide and barrel. Heck why not.

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    Re: Project ----- KWA G18c

    Post  Newnan Airsoft Player on 13.04.11 17:02

    Well a while back they lost somebody gas pistol and shut down there repairing shop for a while, and I guess they got it back. I think they may have fired their repair guy as well because of that.


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    Re: Project ----- KWA G18c

    Post  Silent_Option on 25.04.11 8:22

    So the latest:
    I replaced the loading nozzle part 22, the nozzle springs, part 23, the hammer part 263, rubber bucking part 14, and the slide part 118. and it still does what it was doing before. i would say a little worse than before.

    now with the slide off trying to slide the nozzle it has a small catch inside the chamber block. i took the nozzle out and noticed some burrs from the molding process and took care of those, but when i put the nozzle and chamber back in the slide i noticed the nozzle has some play inside the chamber block, it should NOT wiggle should it? I'm thinking maybe the chamber block is worn and the nozzle is getting out of line???

    I went ahead and ordered a new chamber block part 250, and part 265, and part 27 whatever theyre called. 265 has some pits and just looks to be in bad shape where it makes contact with the slide, and since i'm putting a new chamber block in i dont want to re-use the rubber piston head thing.

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    Re: Project ----- KWA G18c

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