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    WTB: m4/m16 variant


    UBCS Gibbs

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    WTB: m4/m16 variant

    Post  UBCS Gibbs on 05.03.09 12:08

    copypasta from ASF:

    Looking to buy ANY m16/m4 variant. I am just looking to expand my m4 army. It can be in working or non-working condition. Only request is that is has a metal body, I will not accept a plastic bodied gun at all!

    Looking for under $200, but you can offer for more. Mags/Batteries don't have to be included.

    I have an AUG that I want to get rid of if you are looking for a trade rather then cash.

    Offer up!

    WPeake23 [SOTHG]

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    Re: WTB: m4/m16 variant

    Post  WPeake23 [SOTHG] on 05.03.09 13:29

    i have a tokyo marui g36c that i am REALLY trying to get rid of. i have lots of extras. and am selling for around the same range. PM me if youre intrested

    UBCS Gibbs

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    Re: WTB: m4/m16 variant

    Post  UBCS Gibbs on 05.03.09 20:11

    I don't think a G36 is a variant of an m4/m16... lol.

    I do not have interest. I already have a g36. Thanks anyways!


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    Re: WTB: m4/m16 variant

    Post  Stalker on 16.05.09 22:52

    Echo 1 SCAR - M4 reciever, only major difference is the stock (which is way more comfortable if you ask me). Consider it?


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    Re: WTB: m4/m16 variant

    Post  |337 on 16.05.09 22:58

    What brand aug?


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    Re: WTB: m4/m16 variant

    Post  reconsniperga on 16.05.09 23:50

    Gibbs was banned a while back...


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    Re: WTB: m4/m16 variant

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