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    WTS KWA SR10 for $250



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    WTS KWA SR10 for $250

    Post  logical on 25.06.11 20:39


    -I can meet up at Airsoft Atlanta or Georgetown ONLY

    -No trades unless it is an AK
    -Paypal and MO is accepted
    -No low ballers, no thread crappers
    -You must buy the gun

    Hey guys, up for sale is a KWA SR10 that I bought used non functioning. Since then it has had new trigger contacts installed, completely rewired with 16g teflon wiring, deans connectors, a new, just installed today KWA 2GX bucking and nub, polished inner barrel, new piston head o-ring, sorbo pad installed, AoE corrected, new M110 spring installed. Currently I do not have the exact chronograph measurements but I will take a trip to Airsoft Atlanta on Monday to see how hot it shoots. On the poor mans chronograph, the gun easily shot through both sides and the bottom cleanly, so it should be shooting in the close neighborhood of 400 FPS.

    The gun has been reworked by a professional tech and as such costed me, add a bit of value to the gun IMO. The gun shoots perfectly and the motor is adjusted by the pinion gear shimming method. The gears have been broken in and are incredly strong steel and the motor has been also. It has been also recently lubed up with silicone grease and lithium grease, so it sounds very smooth and has absolute perfect compression.

    The gun is in excellent condition, however there is some wear on the rails (minor) and some on the body. The only problem with the gun is that the body pin that has a ridged end is not in all the way, because I somehow broke my hammer. Second, the bucking was just installed, so since it hasn't been broken in yet the accuracy is not phenomenal, just great. I can hit a man sized tree consistently on full auto at 180 feet away no problem, with the hop adjusted. I have no doubt in my mind that this gun can hit things at 200 feet after the bucking settles in. Some minor things are that the pins screw fell out, and is missing, but that's like $.50. Another thing is that ALLIE is written on the receiver, which is hardly noticeable but can be painted over.

    The reason for this sale is that I am starting a new project build with an AK to make it look like Travis Haley's.

    I am including ONE 9.6v nunchuck 1400mah battery with deans pre installed, and a KWA high cap.

    PRICE: $250

    Only reason why I am selling the gun for so cheap is because I need it gone NOW.

    OPTIONAL: I am selling 4 King Arms 120 rd midcaps, and 3 or so MAG 100rd midcaps. I can include all 8 midcaps for $30 with the gun. I can also add in a Tenergy 9.6v 1400 mah (brand new) into the package for $15.

    PRICE FOR IT ALL: $295

    PICS: http://s753.photobucket.com/albums/xx173/dragonpeng12/KWA%20SR10%20FS/

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    Re: WTS KWA SR10 for $250

    Post  Silent_Option on 26.06.11 0:26

    Email sent
    Miles M

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    Re: WTS KWA SR10 for $250

    Post  Miles M on 26.06.11 12:28

    do you still have the gun?


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    Re: WTS KWA SR10 for $250

    Post  logical on 27.06.11 12:55

    SOLD! Sorry guys!

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    Re: WTS KWA SR10 for $250

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