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    KJW P14.45 manual



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    KJW P14.45 manual

    Post  stores on 24.08.11 8:43

    I have searched all over for someone that has parts for a KJW Para 14.45. I have read that the KJW is modeled after the Western Arms. I know that evike has a lot of parts, but I cant seem to find the parts I need from them. I would like to find a copy of the Western Arms P14.45 owners manual to see what it has for a parts diagram. I have the KJW manual. Please let me know if you have one for the WA gun and if you would scan me a copy.


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    Re: KJW P14.45 manual

    Post  severoth on 02.09.11 1:00

    really, i thought this was possible but can anyone confirm this? if soo that means the kjw mags would be like Clones for EVERY WA SV gun...man that would save me some cash.

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