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    Anyone watch 24?


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    Anyone watch 24?

    Post  Q-bald on 11.03.09 18:43

    24 is mine and my wife's fav. show on tv
    Last mon episode show the bad guys using G36 rifles.......Thought it was cool

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    Re: Anyone watch 24?

    Post  |337 on 11.03.09 21:19

    Ya 24 is a decent show

    I loved the weapons picks

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    Re: Anyone watch 24?

    Post  Retherford on 11.03.09 22:05

    Absolutely, Jack takes that G36c and kills a few guys. I also liked the P90s the entry teams used. They have actually used airsoft guns before. I swear Ive seen classic army on the side of a gun.
    Lone Wolf

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    Re: Anyone watch 24?

    Post  Lone Wolf on 11.03.09 22:14

    yea, hollywood has been using airsoft guns for a while.
    UBCS Gibbs

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    Re: Anyone watch 24?

    Post  UBCS Gibbs on 11.03.09 22:29

    Lone Wolf wrote:yea, hollywood has been using airsoft guns for a while.

    For low budget films, like the ones you see on "Sci-Fi". From what I am told, most of the time, they use real steal with blanks to achieve an accurate muzzle flash, then enhance it with digital stuff.

    One one Sci-Fi movie I saw, I know it was an airsoft gun. It still said CLASSIC ARMY on the G36 the guy was using, and the mags looked like airsoft ones.

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    Re: Anyone watch 24?

    Post  #CW!!ZERO on 11.03.09 22:32

    Yeah i know that there have been a couple of movies that I have noticed the winding wheel on the bottom of some mags.

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    Re: Anyone watch 24?

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