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    Operation Red Fury (March 16-18, 2012, Lindale Texas)


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    Operation Red Fury (March 16-18, 2012, Lindale Texas)

    Post  Jaguar12airsoft on 27.09.11 8:28

    Operation Red Fury
    March16-18, 2012
    Carrol/Lindale, Tx
    hosted by - FoeHammer/East Texas Mil-Sim (ETMS)

    Airsoft... Mil-Sim... two words that have been linked together though several decades of International war-games known as "Operations".

    Red Fury will take local Mil-Sim to a new level, and beyond. Two days of un-ending combat, and realistic patrol/missions schedules will push the limits of airsoft, and Mil-Sim, for that matter. From Friday evening, to Sunday afternoon*, you will sleep**, eat, and live in the field. Quaterly, and hourly missions will be given by CIA/TIS Handlers (Admins), and as always, there will be plenty of tangos to shoot, HVT's to kil/capture, convoys to ambush, and peremiters to hold! With 2 full days of Mil-Sim combat, there will be downtime, uptime, and periods of intense conflict. As this is a simulation, it is NOT for the physcially/mentally weak, or "Speedball" players.

    With different units within teams, such as SF squads, armored units, and Infantry, Commanding Officers will have to throw their full effort into bringing them together for maximum effect.

    Dedicated Combat & Re-Supply vehicles will add an armored element to the game as ETMS runs more vehicles than we have before in an Op: a minimum of 5-6!

    As well as the combat elements, we will be bringing more props and pyro to the game with dozens of high powered smoke grenades, for use by YOU after registration, sound-distraction devices (mines), and other pyro!

    Also, we are throwing in something else to maximize the fun of the game. This is new for ETMS events: MIDCAPS, LOWCAPS, and REALCAPS only. ONE highcap will be alloted per squad to the player fulfillining the "SUPPORT GUNNER" role, IF said players is NOT using an actualy SAW (M249, RPK, ect.). Loose ammo is also restricted, meaning - What is NOT in your magazine, CAN NOT be carried on your person. Loose ammo stays at your HQ for resupply.

    We will also be using a new scoring system. You will not be scored on points, or mission completion. "Winning" is accomplished through an admin given "team evaluations". Teamwork, Mission Completion, Ground Control, and an honorable level of play are added up, and discussed in a staff meeting. After the AAR's are evaluated, the team with the highest total of "MILSIM Pts." wins.***.

    ** camping is located OUTSIDE of the combat-AO.
    *** the winner is chosen based on said-team's effectiveness. The choice will not be biased. If you clearly "won", you will be chosen. If it is disputed, the team who worked the hardest, showed the most grit, and played like a Mil-Sim team WILL win!


    Red-Fury tells the story of the Tishtan-Polk conflict; 2 fictional countries wedged between traditional Europe and the violent Middle East. Hundreds of years of war have left borders disputed, and UN/NATO effort to appease the Tishtan goverment has only left the communist dictatorship hungry for more land.
    Finally, the European Economy Crisis of 2012 gave Tishtan the opportunity they had dreamed of for years: the perfect time to strike the natural-resource rich country of Polk.
    The Tishtan Ground Forces (TGF) overwhelmed the border in a matter of hours, and without AAA emplacements, the Tishtan airforce began the brutal bombing of Polk's capital, and it's surrounding cities. Within a week, the small country of Polk had watched it's goverment crumble, and thousands of TGF and Tishtan Armored Forces (TAF) units enter their cities, and towns.
    Throughout the country, Guerrilla Militias began launching a resistance as Tishtan infantry put the country under Martial Law. Remenants of the Polk People's Army (PPA) began launching counter attacks from hidden military bases and underground facilities.
    While the tide is NOT turning, Tishtan's invasion of Polk has suffered a serious setback. With a growing resistance movement, and a well armed PPA Army, the Tishtan Army is stuck in a brutal stalemate.
    While the UN and NATO have publicly denounced Tishtan's agression, and America has sent CIA para-military advisors, no military or civilian aid has been delivered. Polk is on it's own.



    A) The Country of Polk
    1. Polk People's Army (PPA) - green based camo w/ PATTERNS
    (traditional woodland, GREEN MARPAT, Flektarn, etc.)

    [Unlimited Spots, As of Now]

    2. PPA Special Forces (SF)* - OD flightsuits/DCU's/5.11's
    OR Solid OD/Green bottoms/tops paired with ANY Green BASED pattern bottom or tops, to cater to your teams camo pattern of choice

    [5 slots, x2 (Two five-man squads)]

    B) The Country of Tishtan
    1.Tishtan Ground Forces (TGF) - Tan based camo w/ PATTERNS
    (Tigerstripe, Tri-Color DCU's, ACU, ATACS. etc.)

    [Unlimited Spots, As of Now]

    2. Tishtan Armored Forces** - Tan based camo w/ PATTERNS
    (Tigerstripe, Tri-Color DCU's, ACU, Multicam, ATACS. etc.) & MUST HAVE A HELMET (MICH, Bike Helmet, etc... Something to protect your head)

    [10 spots]

    3. TGF SF* - Tan flightsuit/DCU's/5.11's (SOLID TAN)
    OR Solid Tan bottoms/tops paired with ANY TAN BASED pattern bottom or tops, to cater to your teams camo pattern of choice

    [5 slots, x2 (Two five-man squads)]

    C) **Un-Named Faction**
    1. *********** (***), multicam
    [15 spots]

    ** CIA/TIS (Tishtan Intelligence Service) In-Game/Out-Of-Game Operatives (ADMINS)**
    We will have enough staff on site to play the role of the CIA/TIS handlers (jeans, civie shorts, black shirts), but we are excepting spots for IN-GAME CIA/TIS admins, who will play the role of a CIA/TIS combat advisor, and see action. However, they will assist in the handeling of disputes, and are to be versed in the NTA ruleset. VETERAN players ONLY!

    * SF units MUST register as a legitimate Mil-Sim team. Send an application. ALSO, SF Mil-Sim team are welcom to bring a pre-approved comat vehicle for a SF Quick Reaction Force role. This will take $10 off of your $20 registration, and you must have helmet-head protection!

    ** We will provide 1-2 ATV's (not 4-wheelers), and 1-2 combat trucks (not Humvees... this isn't an MSE or LC event )... HOWEVER, you are welcome to bring a pre-approved combat vehicle for you armored unit. This will take $10 off of your $20 registration, and you must have helmet-head protection!

    (we use the NTA ruleset, RoE, and FPS limits)


    Dec. 1st - Pre-Registration (72 hours) (Full Swag Package: Team Specific Event Patch, 3+ Lg. Smoke Grenades, Discount [$20])

    Jan. 1st - Registration (Jan. 1st - March 1st.) (Mini-Swag Package: Team Specific Event patch/Event Patch, Regular Price ($25)

    March 1st - March 16th (walk-ons included) - Late-Registration (Left-Over Swag Packages, first come, first serve, Walk-On price - $30)



    Dec. 1st/Jan 1st. - AO Maps released with Warning Order

    Feb. 1st - Operation Order, Intelligence Report, Mission Briefing, & In-Depth Intel/Topography Maps

    March 16th (friday evening, 8pm-9pm) - Commander's Briefing


    Three Commanding Officers (CO's) are needed for the Polk, Tishtan, and ________ (**un-named**) forces. Resume required!

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    Re: Operation Red Fury (March 16-18, 2012, Lindale Texas)

    Post  Jaguar12airsoft on 27.09.11 8:29

    This game is being hosted by a friend of ours out of Texas. Jaguar 12 is planning to attend this game, not sure what side we'll be on though.

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