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    Which gun?

    Rabbit (SPA&SGAT)

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    Which gun?

    Post  Rabbit (SPA&SGAT) on 08.11.11 18:39

    Okay, the guns I'm looking at are the KJW Tactical KC-02, A&K Masada, VFC 416, or the ASGI Blazing Hog.
    KJW KC-02- I've always wanted a GBBR and since I live in GA GBBRs can still work as long as you keep the mags warm and the gun cleaned and etc.Also I have 3 AEGs already, so those can be used as backup.Finally, GBBRs are just cool!I like how it looks too!
    A&K Masada- I've always kinda of like the way the masada looks, that's it.
    VFC 416- I've always wanted a 416 and I like the way it looks and preforms. Also I think would be a nice weapon for like the KC-02,too.
    ASGI Blazing Hog- The blazing hog is pretty cool and preforms well, I guess.
    NOTE: I don't want a KWA!

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    Re: Which gun?

    Post  Asia7th on 08.11.11 19:32


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