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    Riot Siegetec Concepts 18:1 – Best Offer

    surefire pigeon

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    Riot Siegetec Concepts 18:1 – Best Offer

    Post  surefire pigeon on 14.12.11 18:58

    In a trade I acquired these so call “SC Gears” as my friend called them. I have no use for them so I plan to sell them. I may be completely wrong, but they don’t look to be made of chrome molybdenium like my friend described. Since I have no idea how much these go for, Ill just put it up as best offer.

    I also have a Siegetec Concept “spring guide spacer.” I have no knowledge on this upgrade part so please correct me if I’m mistaken.

    Thanks for looking! jkjk..next april fools..oh boy


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    Re: Riot Siegetec Concepts 18:1 – Best Offer

    Post  NJSC on 14.12.11 20:25

    1) Use common sense and good judgment.
    It's in the rules final warning.

    Boom that just happened.

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