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    Dirt Cheap AEG's (25-100$)- JG M4, KS P90, Dboy RK-02 and RK03

    surefire pigeon

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    Dirt Cheap AEG's (25-100$)- JG M4, KS P90, Dboy RK-02 and RK03

    Post  surefire pigeon on 03.03.12 0:08

    Hey ASM, need to sell a bunch of my collection.
    I do paypal, and all sales final. Some of this stuff you need to tune yourself. All known problems are stated. I got a half of this in a trade so I can't be 100% sure of everything, so it is as-is ; hence the low price. Please PM me with questions/inquiries, but no lowballs, as this is already pretty good price. The buyer pays shipping.

    If someone wants the whole thread, DISCOUNTS!

    JG SR-16 (Enhanced) - 100$

    Magpul MOE Grip
    Painted Digital
    Dust Cover has B.A.M.F.

    JG Gears (shimmed)
    Cylinder Head with Sorbo
    G&P Piston
    JG Piston Head
    Metal Spring Guide
    SHS M130
    G&G Hi-Torque Motor
    G&G Green Bucking

    -needs connectors
    -needs flash hider

    KS P90 - 85$

    BNIB, Perfect Condition and comes with mag, loader, battery, box, and other accessories.
    Comes with after market metal flash hider, not pictured.

    I have tuned it up with the following -

    Reshimmed via bevel.
    70oo Sorbo
    new #14 o-ring
    polished piston/tappet rails
    motor height adjusted
    teflon taped cylinder head
    loctited piston head.

    Dboy RK-02 As-Is 70$

    Externals are in wonderful condition, like new.
    Comes with Hicap.

    Most Internals are Dboy's
    SHS Gears
    ACM Neo Motor
    JG Cream Piston (swch)
    JG Piston Head
    JG M110
    Bearing Spring Guide
    systema bucking
    XT60 connectors

    -needs new pinion

    Dboy RK-03 As-Is 65$

    Got this in a trade, mostly stock.
    Upgrade Metal Hop up chamber.
    VFC Hicap Included

    -externals have some wear
    -stock doesn't lock when extended
    -needs new pinion

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