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    G&G Raider, Master Series MP5, PCs, Shot


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    G&G Raider, Master Series MP5, PCs, Shot

    Post  NJSC on 10.03.12 17:26

    G&G Raider- full stock, one point sling, leapers red dot (battery dead), matrix turbo motor, shaved front sight, full stock. -$125 price till Monday.
    E1 Series MP5- G&G red top motor. -$75 price till Monday.
    China made PC's with several pouches- one black one tan. -$25 each price till Monday
    TSD (i believe) Trishot pistolgrip shotgun- one shell. $20 price till Monday
    each purchase will come with a little something extra. could be mags. could be parts. could be toothpaste.

    Boom that just happened.

    wolf six

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    Re: G&G Raider, Master Series MP5, PCs, Shot

    Post  wolf six on 12.03.12 10:57

    could i get some pictures of the tan plate carrier? I have a friend who wants one

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