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    G&G GR15 Raider XL Issues


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    G&G GR15 Raider XL Issues Empty G&G GR15 Raider XL Issues

    Post  wstmann on 03.04.12 11:52

    I love this gun it was awsome for the first 2 or 3 days use.

    Since then though, its been a pain hte neck... Im looking for some thoughts on how to increase reliability and usability.

    the gun before this weekend wouldnt fire... Thought maybe dead battery, or bad charger, so i went out and bought new of each... Charged battery, stuck it in and boom, a whole lotta nothing.

    I started reading some websites and forums, and thought maybe bad fuse, not only could i not find a fuse (later, read that this gun has no fuse) I couldnt find anything else to be the issue... the gun was taken completely apart. i started to reassemble it, and a BB fell out of barrel... thought, cool it was jammed, put it all back together, and it worked, for about 10 minutes.... now it will shoot for a few minuets then randomly stop... also semi-auto fires full auto...

    Suggestions, thoughts? Im about ready to put the gun down, and buy a new one...


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    G&G GR15 Raider XL Issues Empty Re: G&G GR15 Raider XL Issues

    Post  HavenUnitOctopus on 03.04.12 12:33

    Could be allot of things,but what it sounds like is the contacts are screwed up or the selector plate is broken. Or the wires could have a short or the motor is fried one of those take pictures would make it easier to guess.

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    G&G GR15 Raider XL Issues Empty Re: G&G GR15 Raider XL Issues

    Post  -a|ex on 03.04.12 12:51

    check if the motor connection is loose. if it is, you will need to lightly re-crimp the spade connector.

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    Post  Senko on 06.04.12 1:30

    If you opened the gearbox, you will need to reseat the selector bar with the trigger contant to get semi fire and full auto working again. If you did not open to gearbox, your selector plate is probably broken. On the not firing after a few minute Check the leads on the motor inside the grip, they gradually torque lose with the movement of the motor. And if you are really about done with it, Bring it to me and I will fix it, but it will cost you.... or the shop could buy it for parts... HAHA

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    G&G GR15 Raider XL Issues Empty Re: G&G GR15 Raider XL Issues

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