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    AEG's for Sale (Canton, GA) (CASH ONLY)


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    AEG's for Sale (Canton, GA) (CASH ONLY)

    Post  NRAirsoft on 29.04.12 22:56

    Echo 1 Stag Arms M16 DMR. Broke twice but repaired by Dead On Airsoft and works fine now (first time was from a jam and dry firing, second time was wiring). No orange tip. Shoots 350 fps w/ .20g bbs and shoots around 15 rps w/ included battery. Plastic bosy, full metal RIS, 509mm barrel, full stock, missing a sling mount on the stock. Comes with a Tenergy large type 9.6v 3800 mAh battery, 2 M4 300rd hi caps, a smart charger, JBU 8.25 inch aluminum barrel extension, and an NcStar sniper scope.

    JG Gen 4 G36c. Works fine. Shoots about 370 fps and 8-10 rps with included battery. No orange tip. Nylon polymer body. Folding stock. Battery goes in hand guard. Comes with a standard small type 8.4v 1100 mAh battery, a BRAVO OD green foregrip, UTG metal side rails, an SRC G36 470rd hi cap, an M4 magwell conversion kit, 3 DBoyz 110 rd mid caps, and a standard trickle charger.

    Price of M16: $150
    Price of G36c: $130
    Price of both: $250

    Pics available upon request. I can e-mail them to you or post them here. I can meet at Elite Ops Airsoft, Tango Charlie Airsoft, or No Quarter Airsoft.

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