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    OLCMSS OP Southern Comfort July 20-22


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    OLCMSS OP Southern Comfort July 20-22

    Post  Qtip on 13.05.12 23:45

    Im looking for teams from the Atlanta area interested in going to this op. Would like to find 6-10 adult players (18 and up) to put together a squad. Just got back from another Operation Lion Claws event Op Red Storm East in Scranton PA. It was awsome, but really needed a team to work with. I would like to get one together SOON. If interested, send me a pm for email and phone contact info. I am a 40yo Airforce Reserve SSgt up at Dobbins. Want to find other adult players with good discipline who would train and work together in a team environment.

    The Battle of Catoosa, TN, will be a battle between the Federal Army Southern Command and TN Renegades.

    Uniform Code:

    Federal Army - Southern Command (FASC)
    Multi-Cam, DCU, or Desert Marpat (full uniform required).
    CO. MSG Mad Max Mullen

    TN Renegades- Mis-match load out, NO FULL UNIFORM, lean towards Green Base please. NO ACU component out of respect to the REAL Army!
    CO. Sgt. Keni Thomas (Black Hawk Down)

    Alumni Squad Registration via E MAIL REQUEST ONLY on May 13, 2012. Send e mail request to bestofusamkt@sbcglobal.net (that's for ALUMNI units of six or MORE pax please).

    General Registration opens online on May 20, 2012 at 12:00noon PST.

    Alumni: $110
    None Alumni : $140
    Father Son/Mother Daughter/Mother Son/Father Daughter combo: $160 flat rate (MINOR MUST BE VOUCHED FOR by an ATTENDING ALUMNI)

    Event Chief of Staff: Mr. Michael Johnson, Chattanooga, TN.

      Current date/time is 20.10.18 19:21