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    A&K M60E1 $450


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    A&K M60E1 $450

    Post  jolio1994 on 15.05.12 22:59

    A&K M60VN, parts list to follow:
    Guarder Double O-ring metal cylinder head
    A&K Masada Metal O-ring Air nozzle
    G&G Tappet Plate
    New A&K 16:1 gears
    New AIM AT-Latch
    G&G Piston, Piston Head, both new
    Guarder Full Type 0 Stainless Steel Cylinder
    AIM Top High Torque Motor
    Matrix M120 Spring
    Madbull Black Type Hop-up
    Flat Hop-up, lots of custom work involved
    6.04 G&G Barrel, it has been buffed and polished

    I also have a tone of DIY work including professionally re-shimmed, re-lubbed, re-greased gearbox, barrel stabilization, new O-ring stretched and heated hop-up stabilization, painted the gun afgan tan, and re-wired to deans. The gun also has a brand new gearbox, new wiring, and new mosfet. This gun is good to rock and roll. 8000 .2g bb's will be included. I am only asking $450 for all, no lower...

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