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    M4 High/Mid Cap


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    M4 High/Mid Cap

    Post  OMnomnom96 on 06.06.12 20:28

    I need some mags for my loadout. I prefer black, pmag or regualar m4 mag, if it is a standard mag, I want. metal. As long as it winds/feeds and it is cheap I might buy it

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    Re: M4 High/Mid Cap

    Post  spike15 on 29.07.12 0:45

    I've got 2 g&p black high caps


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    Re: M4 High/Mid Cap

    Post  cagcmc@gmail.com on 04.08.12 14:50

    spike15 wrote:I've got 2 g&p black high caps

    and like 11 Mag black midcaps and 7 Mag tan madcaps

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    Re: M4 High/Mid Cap

    Post  sniper2525 on 05.08.12 14:12

    Ive got over 10 mids and three or gour highs and a few midcap pmsgs all with magpuls for 50 bucks

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    Re: M4 High/Mid Cap

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