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    K.I.P. Airsoft (Update)


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    K.I.P. Airsoft (Update)

    Post  NRAirsoft on 15.06.12 19:46

    We are a team of three. Each of us have more than a year of airsoft experience. Our call signs are Greeg, Uncle, and Hooah. We are a team based in Canton, GA and can be seen at Elite Ops Airsoft. I (Greeg) go there the most but you'll find the Uncle and the Hooah there too. The Uncle and I run gas pistols only, while the Hooah runs AEGs and no pistols, although he plans on getting a WE 1911. We want to try to avoid AEGs and rifles in general, but will make some exceptions if someone who has a gas rifle wants to join. We don't need AEGs, so one is more than enough. We want to prove just how good pistols can really be. You can use them as primaries in almost any environment, especially in CQB situations. We don't have any uniform requirements but we will be creating some soon. The only rule about apparel is NO CAMO AT ALL unless you are or were in the military. We find it disrespectful to those who are and have served and have actually earned their uniforms. We won't even accept camp patterns from foreign militaries. It's still disrespectful. Try to find something like a PMC load out. This could be a simple t-shirt and jeans, boots instead of shoes, and a belt rig or plate carrier with MOLLE gear. For weaponry, buy a nice pistol if you don't already have one. We accept shotguns too, gas or spring. Besides, pistols and shotguns are generally cheaper than rifles. We could use some new members. We need help making the team work. Please consider joining. If you have any questions, reply to this or e-mail me at usrebellionfg@aol.com. Come to Elite Ops someday and find one of us. We'll definitely consider you if you want to try out. Thanks.

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    Re: K.I.P. Airsoft (Update)

    Post  -a|ex on 15.06.12 21:50

    awesome. i like playing against pistols. it's very hard for pistols to hit moving targets. see you guys on sunday at EOA.

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