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    WTS: Fully assembled, tuned, and modded V2 gearbox - 420 FPS / 34 RPS w/ included motor



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    WTS: Fully assembled, tuned, and modded V2 gearbox - 420 FPS / 34 RPS w/ included motor

    Post  theNewGuy on 28.06.12 15:19

    Hey guys, decided to try out a Polarstar so I need to sell this gearbox for the funds. I'm NOT parting out just yet, however if you plan on buying at least 50% of the internals, PM me and I'll give you a fair price for the part out. If you bought each part individually new, you're looking at a $350+ receipt. This isn't including the modifications done to make it stronger and the painstakingly hard time to shim the gears to absolute perfection.

    The gearbox is getting 100% seal, no leakage whatsoever and shot beautifully. Ran cool, smooth and incredibly efficiently. With the motor and high speed gears, I could run this gearbox for 3 months before I had to recharge my battery.

    The parts in this gearbox are the best of the best. Each component was chosen specifically to be as reliable as possible while still performing optimally; the RiotSC gears are indestructible but still cycle fast, the cylinder head is POM improving shock absorption but still being strong enough to handle the beating, etc. etc.

    The parts list is as follows:

    VFC 8mm gearbox
    RiotSC 14.1 HS gears
    Modify 8mm bushings
    Modify Anti reversal latch
    Modify bearing spring guide
    SHS 15 steel tooth piston
    SHS o-ring air nozzle
    SHS trigger contacts
    Systema M120 spring
    Lonex shim set
    Lonex piston head
    King Arms POM cyl. head
    70D 3/16 in sorbo w/ neoprene
    DE MOSFET w/ 24a polyfuse
    16AWG PTFE wiring w/ TX connector
    Lonex Magnum (A3) motor

    Mods done:
    Lightened piston body, removed piston head bearings, and used threadlock on the screw
    Air nozzle has o-ring from Guarder nozzle to decrease friction but retain perfect air seal.
    Gears have been perfectly shimmed.

    ABSOLUTELY NONE. Nothing is wrong with this gearbox and all the parts are in great condition.

    PRICE: $250

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