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    WTB low cost SCAR AEG



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    WTB low cost SCAR AEG

    Post  Airsoftman101 on 10.07.12 16:41

    Im looking to buy a low cost SCAR AEG (it can be dboys for all i care). im going to upgrade the life out of the thing anyway thats why i would prefer a SCAR that is sub $200. thanks


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    Re: WTB low cost SCAR AEG

    Post  theNewGuy on 12.07.12 23:38

    I have a G&G SCARL, it has far better stock internals than DBoys (DBoys have excellent internals, G&G is just better in the case of SCAR's) and is new in box still.

    I can sell it for $250, however message me and we can work out a deal if you'd like.



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    Re: WTB low cost SCAR AEG

    Post  CUSTOMCAMO on 05.12.12 19:30

    Hey I got a tan D-Boys scar, If ur interested pm me

    sorry if its too late!
    Btw if u want a custom camo on it, I run a camo buisness...

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    Re: WTB low cost SCAR AEG

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