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    G&G GBBRs are here!


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    G&G GBBRs are here! Empty G&G GBBRs are here!

    Post  drizzetsrevenge on 21.07.12 16:58

    G&G is apparently starting to dive into the GBBR market. its basically a GBBR version of a Combat Machine. there isnt much that has been released yet, but ASGI has a couple on their site to pre-order for $140 to $150. any thoughts?


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    G&G GBBRs are here! Empty Re: G&G GBBRs are here!

    Post  NRAirsoft on 22.07.12 17:11

    it's basically a system designed to look like a version 2 gearbox. i heard the mags are proprietary because of the design. it's a unique gas system. GHK makes a drop in kit but i'm pretty sure G&G made this one. it only makes sense. i would wait for it to come out and read some reviews. i would also wait and see if G&G will be selling extra mags because it would blow to have only 1 mag. besides the gbbr aspect, it is a combat machine AEG on the outside. even the pictures on GI show the bodies of the gun saying "AEG" so you could use the gun as a prank too. all in all, wait a while after it comes out before you decide to get it but if you are one who likes to take risks then go for it. i might get one as long as there are extra mags. if you do get one let me know how it is.

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