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    Lonex A3 high speed motor - $30



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    Lonex A3 high speed motor - $30

    Post  theNewGuy on 22.07.12 10:21

    I have a pretty much new Lonex A3 motor. There is very very very slight wear on the pinion, solely because Lonex has a black anodizing (or something like that) process done to their pinion gears, but the stuff comes off pretty easily when you run it on a pinion gear that is made of harder material than it, ie RiotSC. It will not happen on any other gear and even if you do use it with RiotSC gears, it won't cause a problem. The coating is literally .0001mm thick.

    With that said, it was run for only 300 rounds, or one high cap. It has more magnet torque than a JG blue, but still is rated as a high speed motor. The pinion is painful to turn by hand, and it's like super glue if you get something stuck on it from the powerful neodymium magnets.

    - Extremely tough motor axle
    - Dimpled armature for weight balance
    - Heat resistant enameled wire up to 200℃
    - Glued wire to withstand high temperature and speed, prevent loosening
    - High conductive motor brush and commutator
    - Equipped with steel pinion gear
    - Heat resistant high performance rare-earth magnet
    - Ball bearings inside metal case and nylon end bell
    - Machined aluminum bushing with ball bearings

    The motor is capable of shooting the exact same speed up to an M150 spring. Meaning, it will have no struggles for anything in between.

    Price is not including shipping. I am willing to meet at Airsoft Atlanta or have you pay postage for $5 USPS flat rate.

    Thanks for looking.

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