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    Airsoft mortar design help


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    Airsoft mortar design help Empty Airsoft mortar design help

    Post  bassman on 07.09.12 12:42

    bounce Im trying to tackle the problem of an airsoft mortar. I want a mortar but not nerf footballs so im thinking thunder bs rigged with a parachute fired by an m203 shell in a kind of one piece package in but only firing the thunder b or a tornado. So i can have an airburst mortar shell. This is mostly for personal use unless a field deems it safe any input would be appreciated

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    Airsoft mortar design help Empty Re: Airsoft mortar design help

    Post  savoy6 on 07.09.12 14:21

    thunder b's are too heavy and too wide to be launched effectively by the 203 shells....but you may be on the right track..lol...my 2inch british mortar..

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