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    WTS: 2 Guns and Stuff


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    WTS: 2 Guns and Stuff Empty WTS: 2 Guns and Stuff

    Post  mikenike on 04.10.12 22:14

    I can meet at Airdog or ship for extra.

    Just going to list the Problems/brief description of each.

    At $160 each, I have 2 M4's.

    ICS M4:
    Metal Body
    Listening to it, it shoots at around ~23 RPS on my 9.6 2000mAh.
    Bone stock, only shimmed, lubed, cleaned.
    Comes with 1 Mag and a 9.6v 2000mAh battery. Wired to small tamiya.

    Dust Cover doesn't close.
    No flash hider.
    Buffer tube is glued on.

    KWA M4 (Frankenstein):
    It has a SB Black Reinforced GB Shell. Bevel has been switched out to fit the shell.
    The motor has been replaced for a generic motor.
    Recently been shimmed, cleaned, lubed.
    Hop Up is new and unused.
    Has a CQB length Matrix Prometheus 6.03mm barrel.
    Wired to deans.
    Comes with 1 mag.

    Dust cover doesn't close.
    You can still pull the trigger on safe (I don't know if it fires on safe).
    Near the back receiver pins, the metal is chipped off (doesn't affect usability). I can get detailed pics if you want.

    Now onto the stuff:

    Centerpoint 3-9x40mm Illuminated Scope with 2 scope rings - $45

    Unknown Brand (I painted over the brand) 4x32mm Scope - $30

    4 high cap mags. 1 is a Thermal mag. 1 is missing the baseplate - $25

    14.5" Noveske Barrel with a 363mm 6.03mm ?Prommy? TBB and a Metal Hop Up with a Blue Bucking - $50

    G&P Stubby Grip - Free with any purchase.

    A&K M4 Box Mag - $25

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