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    ICS M4 Proline


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    ICS M4 Proline Empty ICS M4 Proline

    Post  mikenike on 26.02.13 1:39

    Stock to my Knowledge (Previous owner Shimmed it, maybe has some upgrades)
    No Flash Hider
    Buffer Tube is super Glued on, it's just because the buffer tube is not ICS.
    Also has an external flaw on the Barrel Threads, Flash Hiders still hold on fine.
    Shooting at least 20 RPS on my 9.6 2000mAh the last time I checked, it sounded more like ~25, but once again, not sure, No Chrono.
    Semi doesn't always work, it's iffy.

    $140 Local Pickup, $155 Shipped.

    SHOOTING: http://www.flickr.com/photos/53965264@N07/8509528300/

    Shoots oddly fast for a Stock ICS O_O

    ICS M4 Proline 8280251676-1a2afec795
    ICS M4 Proline 8280252016-f09a3df682

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