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    Dagger Unit is Recruiting!


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    Dagger Unit is Recruiting!

    Post  Twitch on 06.05.13 22:02

    We are currently recruiting again and looking for teams to play against. If you are interested, contact us via this forum or the website.

    The team's mission is:

    To further military tactical knowledge, lifesaving first aid, self defense, defense of others, and overall situational awareness of team members. Dagger was formed in 2009 as a Military Simulation unit comprised of like minded individuals that are either individuals with military background or pursuing military careers. The team trains in real weapons and tactics, while also pursuing training in the Airsoft/Military Simulation field. The team attends large scale Milsim operations, while also maintaining a high level of proficiency with their firearms and training as much as possible.

    Check out www.daggerunit.com for more information.

    The following are from recent carbine/pistol/medical training events.


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