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    Wildfire Airsoft: Now recruiting.


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    Wildfire Airsoft: Now recruiting.

    Post  mazon on 07.05.13 17:30

    Wildfire Airsoft is Georgia's newest airsoft team. We have one goal: To educate and support new airsofters.
    We offer:
    - A simple $120 donation base loadout. Includes one of the uniform vests, goggles, gloves, a WA patch, and a patch from our sponsor. The rest of the loadout is free to customize. Our gear is based around efficiency while still appearing professional.
    - Free training in teching, playing, and buy/sell/trading.
    - A variety of cheap new and used guns with special prices only team members get. Also access to multiple team weapons including a SAW.
    - Awesome events such as camping, grilling, and competing in tournaments and OPs.
    Chances to lead a team. Every single member will have their time.

    We are looking for airsofters of every skill level, from meat shield to pro.

    Our requirements are simple:
    -Afford the loadout and wear it.
    -Have a Facebook
    -Be of at least 12 years of age (14 or under requires parental permission)

    Our main fields will be EOA, Airdog, SAS, and Georgetown. (Not including OPs0
    We will do our best to have team meetings or practices at least once a month.

    This team is going to spread like a well.... Wildfire. Get on board!

    Shoot me or Mazon Morris a message on Facebook if you are interested in any way.

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