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    FS 5 AEG's and 2 BASR's


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    FS 5 AEG's and 2 BASR's

    Post  airsoftsniper25 on 23.05.13 12:16

    I have acquired way too many airsoft guns over the years so I am trying to get rid of them to fund a Polarstar build.

    Noveske Build
    -Noveske Metal Body
    -Noveske RIS
    -Outer Barrel Assembly w/ extension and Noveske flash hider
    -Motor Grip
    -G&P Full Stock
    -Bravo Reinforced Gearbox Shell w/ 8mm Bearings
    -SHS 16:1 High Speed Gears
    -Ball Bearing Spring Guide
    -M120 Spring
    -SHS Full Steel Tooth Piston
    -G&P Piston Head
    -Stainless Cylinder & Head
    -Element High Speed Motor
    -Vanaras 6.03mm Tightbore barrel
    -New Bucking

    Gun Shoots around 380fps and 30rounds per second. Will come with a lipo and misfeeding PMAG
    The gun cycles great, but the bucking needs to be broken in so it just needs some rounds through it to be field ready.
    Asking Price: $250obo

    Classic Army m15
    -Matrix Full Stock
    -KWA Gen2 Complete Gearbox
    -Matrix Turbo Motor
    -Madbull Hop Up unit, Madbull tightbore barrel with a firefly bucking

    Gun shoots around 380fps with a ridiculous rate of fire with an 11.1v lipo
    Will come with a 7.4v lipo battery, no magazine
    Asking Price: $225obo

    Tokyo Marui G3
    -Hurricane Metal Lower Receiver
    -KWA Complete Gearbox & Motor
    -Stainless steel tight bore barrel, looks like a Prometheus but cannot verify
    -Lots of extra external parts will be included
    -3 Hicap magazines and a drum mag that needs a new pressure switch

    Gun functions great, shoots around 380fps and 20rps on a 7.4v lipo.
    Lipo battery will be included
    Asking Price: $150obo

    Echo 1 G36 w/ Launcher
    -ARES G36 Grenade Launcher
    -Element Torque Up Gears
    -SHS Piston and head
    -M130 Spring
    -Madbull Bucking

    Gun shoots around 430fps. Will come with 2 hicap magazines and 2 TM Midcaps and 4 m203 shells of which 1 works. Also included will be the original handguard and a gemtech suppressor if you don't want to run it with the launcher
    Asking Price: $200obo

    A&K LR300
    -G&P gears
    -Metal ball bearing spring guide
    -Guarder SP120 spring
    -SHS piston
    -SHS piston head
    -Stainless Cylinder
    -SRC ultra torque motor
    -Echo 1 Stock

    Gun shoots around 380fps with an average rate of fire. A lipo will be included. Functions just fine, no issues.
    Asking Price: $100

    GSpec and VSR Pro/Bar 10 Bundle
    Next I have 2 broken bolt action sniper rifles that I would like to get rid of as is.
    Tokyo Marui G Spec
    -Laylax 1st and 2nd Sear
    -Laylax Spring Guide Stopper
    -Laylax Spring Guide
    -Laylax High Pressure Piston
    -Laylax Cylinder Head
    -9ball bucking

    Gun is slam firing even though all internals are in good condition. I do not wish to continue tinkering with this one so I am looking to sell it as is.

    Tokyo Marui VSR10 Pro/Bar 10
    I received this as a parts gun and have not touched it since I got it. It is in non working condition and needs a good bit of work in order to be functional. I have not taken it apart so I cannot give a diagnosis. All I know is that it has a TM VSR receiver and a Bar10 Stock. Looks like it has a stainless cylinder head so it could have some laylax upgrades in it but am not sure. Does come with a scope though

    I am looking to sell both bolt action rifles as a bundle for $125obo with 2 magazines

    Thanks for looking!


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    Re: FS 5 AEG's and 2 BASR's

    Post  CUSTOMCAMO on 23.05.13 17:15

    would you trade the noveske m4 for a tokyo marui scorpion?
    G force

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    Re: FS 5 AEG's and 2 BASR's

    Post  G force on 23.05.13 20:04

    PM sent

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    Re: FS 5 AEG's and 2 BASR's

    Post  airsoftsniper25 on 02.06.13 19:09

    Noveske, Classic Army, LR300 all SPF

    Will sell the g3 and g36 in a package deal for $275

    Also, I have no use for the sniper rifles so if you are interested in them throw me an offer


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    Re: FS 5 AEG's and 2 BASR's

    Post  airsoftsniper25 on 07.06.13 21:56

    LR300, Classic Army m15, and Noveske build are all sold

    Throw me offers on the g3, g36 or bolt action rifles if you are interested!

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    Re: FS 5 AEG's and 2 BASR's

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