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    Fulda Gap / Sniper Unit / Recruiting (Includes DMR)


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    Fulda Gap / Sniper Unit / Recruiting (Includes DMR)

    Post  vanevery on 02.09.13 20:43

    Sniper Unit / Fulda Gap / NATO Forces:

    (Includes both Sniper and DMR)

    (Picture Credit: triggermonkeys.com)

    The Event
    Fulda Gap
    Date: Otober 11-13, 2013
    Field: Command Decisions Wargames Center
    84 Reganswood Drive
    Taylorsville, NC(USA) 28681

    (There are special Instructions on registering for Sniper Unit that you will receive from me upon joining Sniper Unit.
    This is to post a permanent link for reference and to give pricing information).

    Link: Scenario Supply

    $40.00 until 9/22/2013.
    $50.00 9/23/3013 - 10/6/2013
    $60.00 10/7/2013 - Event

    vanevery: CO Sniper Unit / NATO Forces
    For the last few months, Sniper Unit has been building into a very talented and skilled Unit consisting of players locally, regionally, and nationally. It has recently come to my attention that there are 8 more slots available than the original 12 slots I was authorized to recruit for. Until now, Sniper Unit been recruiting on a one on one basis. Given the additional number of slots available and to ensure that every recruit has the proper amount of time to plan and prepare for such an event, it is time to go public.

    I will cover a lot of information in this thread.
    All the necessary info you need to have will be covered.
    Should you have any questions, ask in this thread.
    Interest and requests to join Sniper Unit should be sent to me in PM form.
    Before we get to all the logistical information, why you should join Sniper Unit.

    Why You Should Join Sniper Unit:
    - The Game: Fulda Gap
    Simply an awesome game run at an extremely high level of professionalism by one of the best Field Owners in the business: Andrew "Ferg" Ferguson. Ferg was one of the first major fields to open its doors to airsoft and has supported airsoft and growing the sport from day one. There is a reason why more than 1000 players come from literally all over the world. Fulda Gap set the record last year for the largest airsoft event attended in the United States with 1065 players. Though that attendance record was recently surpassed by a field in California, there are 1500 players expected at Fulda Gap 2013 making it one of the worlds largest airsoft games.

    - The Field:
    A Snipers Paradise covering 75 acres.
    If there was ever a huge airsoft field made for a Sniper, this would be the one. Not only does it have a couple wide open spaces with two major forts on them, but all of the bases in the wooded areas have firing lanes leading into and out of them from multiple directions that are tailor made for a Sniper. The terrain of this field is really great as well. Plenty of elevation, low lands, creeks, micro terrain, you name it, it's got it.

    - Links:
    Fulda Gap Scenario Event/Airsoft:
    Command Decisions Wargames Center Home Page:

    - You as a player:
    Being part of a Special Forces Unit is the most fun, interesting, and challenging ways to take part in one of the worlds best airsoft games, on one of the best airsoft fields in the country. There is no other Unit that will bring the best out of you and your teams airsoft skills.
    We will be tasked with missions and assignments both days of game play.
    We be called upon for the most needed assignments and will be the go to Unit when Commanders need the job done, and done right.
    Think of Sniper Unit as a Modern Sniper Unit where we will incorporate traditional Sniper roles along with DMR Skills and modern squad tacttics to complete missions and eliminate targets.
    For those of you who who are DMR and looking to finally use your skills and weapon to the absolute fullest abilities, and to be part of a team that understands the role of DMR and how to use it, Sniper Unit is for you.


    Who Sniper Unit is Looking For:

    Those interested in joining Sniper Unit will be......
    - 18 years of age or older.
    - Experienced
    - Skilled
    - Committed
    - Knowledgeable of hand signals
    - Have a working radio and head set
    - Radio communication skills
    - Knowledgeable of basic squad tactics and tactical individual movement
    - Knowledgeable of the performance of their gun: Distance/Accuracy.

    Logistically speaking, will......
    - Be able to attend
    - Meet the admission price
    - Register Promptly
    - Arrange for travel
    - Arrange meals and hydration
    - Arrange for accommodations: Camping or Hotel/Motel:
    (Camping is Free but would need to arrive on that Friday -Oct 11- to ensure a camping spot).
    - Would be able to be there both Saturday and Sunday
    (I am a bit flexible on this point, but priority recruiting will go to those who can make it both days, but it is possible that you can join Sniper unit and only make it one day).

    - Preparation:
    Snipers represent the best that airsoft has to offer.
    I expect all members of Sniper Unit to be prepared and ready to go.
    Make sure all weaponry and gear are in full operating order before the event.
    Make sure all magazines and power sources for your guns are operating properly.
    Make sure you are fully stocked on ammo.
    Make sure all radios and head sets work properly.
    Bring your Battery Charges to the event.
    Make sure to have everything you need to last all day on the field / MilSim approach.

    - Personal Conduct:
    All Snipers are expected to set the example when it comes to personal conduct.
    Snipers will be expected to always.....
    1. Keep their cool
    2. Call Hits if shot
    3. Not call out others for No Hit Calling.
    4. Respect others.
    5. Respect themselves.

    - Remember this:
    Once you arrive at the field, all ego's are checked at the door.
    We are a band of brothers who share a common interest in a sport we all enjoy and will have fun along the way.


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    Re: Fulda Gap / Sniper Unit / Recruiting (Includes DMR)

    Post  vanevery on 02.09.13 20:44


    (Picture Credit: airsoft4.com)

    - Bolt Action / DMR
    - Primary / Secondary / Back-up Gun
    - Ammo
    - Power Source (Batteries / External Air Tank)
    - Chrono Station/FPS
    - MED's (Minimum Engagement Distances)

    First: Let me make this point clear.
    Sniper Unit Cannot use Full-Auto at any time during this event.
    If somehow you field a gun that is capable of Full-Auto, you cannot use it at any time.
    There are no exceptions to this rule.
    Any violation of this rule can have consequences resulting in lost points for NATO and you getting removed from Sniper Unit.

    Bolt Action / DMR:
    - You can choose to use a Bolt Action Sniper Rifle or DMR. That is up to you.
    You can also bring both styles of gun and switch out if needed.
    I need to know what you intend to use as your Primary.
    I also need to know some general performance stats on your guns.
    How far and accurately your Primary can shoot, generally speaking.
    This will help me know where to place you for missions and assignments.
    DMR's are limited to Mid-Caps only with a mag capacity limit of 190rnd.

    Primary / Secondary / Back-up Gun
    - Primary:
    If you are shooting over 400fps, your Primary needs to be Semi-Auto only, not capable of shooting Full-Auto.
    There are some simple things one can do if not an airsoft tech to the guns lower external receiver that are non-permanent to accommodate this. Let me know and we will get that taken care of.
    We have some distinguished airsoft techs who are part of Sniper Unit.
    For those in Sniper unit who are bringing/building guns specifically for long range, try to have a gun that shoots accurately at least 240' (80 yards). We do not have to have guns that set world records for long distance shooting. More important than anything, you need to have a working gun that does not break down during the event. Power sources may need to be changed out during each day, that is ok. Just make sure that the guns you field work with no issues.
    You will need a Primary and a Secondary on you.

    - Secondary:
    Your Secondary needs to be Semi-Only, not capable of shooting Full Auto.
    You can use any type of gun you want as your secondary.
    It does not have to be a pistol.
    Your secondary does need to have a FPS lower than 400fps chrono'd w/ .25's
    I suggest 300-350fps for your secondary.
    This will help you when you inevitably have a target within the MED's of your Primary.
    The last thing you want is to have a drop on your target but can't shoot because the target is within your MED's.

    - Back-up Gun
    You will also need to bring a back-up gun in case your Primary goes down.
    If it so happens that your back-up gun is capable of shooting Full-Auto, so be it.
    Understand this: Sniper Unit is NOT allowed to shoot Full-Auto at any time during the event.
    If somehow you manage to field a gun that is capable of shooting Full-Auto - such as a back-up gun - you can never use the Full-Auto Function.
    Try to make sure your Back-up gun performs as well as your Primary.
    Think of it as a second Primary.
    I also suggest bringing more than one back-up gun. Bringing at least two back-up guns is just smart for a game like this.

    - Ammo:
    - Bring more ammo to this event than any event you have ever attended.
    Whether it is in the form of extra magazines or bags of ammo on you, make sure to have plenty of ammo.
    Also make sure to have extra ammo stored at base camp or in your vehicle.
    - Even in Semi-Auto and even with lower mag capacity, with the amount of players on the field, there will simply be a need for more volume of fire.
    - There is no limit to BB Weight you can use.
    Chrono Station requires using .25's for FPS readings.
    BB's must be plastic.
    No Metal BB's!
    No Glass BB's!

    - Power Source:
    Batteries, external air tanks, whatever.
    Whatever you use to power your airsoft gun, make sure you have plenty of it, and have plenty of it for both days, Saturday and Sunday. Having extra batteries on you, inside your gear, is a good idea, Having extra external tanks on you might be an issue, but have extras accessible and ready to go at base camp or in your car.

    - Chrono Station
    - Sniper Units will be closely watched at Chrono Station.
    - Sniper Units are the only event participants allowed to have weapons fielded with FPS limits higher than that of the 400fps cap set by event organizers.
    - As members of Sniper Unit, you represent the best of everything airsoft is, which is honor.
    All personal integrity must be upheld by every Sniper Unit member at Chrono station.
    So, absolutely no guns shooting "hot" at Fulda Gap.
    If your gun is on the border line, make sure to have a way to work on your gun to quickly get your gun to meet chrono standards. If nothing else, make sure to have a back-up gun that you know will have no issues passing chrono should your Primary not pass chrono.

    - FPS:

    500fps / Bolt Action measured using .25's.
    450fps / DMR measured using .25's.
    Secondary weapons need to shoot less than 400fps measured using .25's.
    350fps preferably.
    - Remember: Your Primary does not have to be at max FPS.
    Some Snipers will be needed for closer engagements where a 350fps - 400fps will be more suitable.

    - MED's:

    300fps and less / No MED's
    300fps - 350fps / 15' MED
    350fps -400fps / 30' MED
    400fps -450fps / 50' MED
    450fps-500fps / 100' MED


    Uniforms and Gear:

    NATO Color / Green:
    Just so everyone knows, NATO is Green.
    There are defined rules for what constitutes Green and Tan Uniforms and what color Gear can go with it.
    It is important that everyone know what colors can and cannot go together.
    Here is the run down:

    Woodland MarPat
    DPM Pattern
    Tiger Stripe
    Anything obviously Green camo.

    Desert MarPat
    Desert Flectarn
    Leapord Print
    Urban Camo
    Contractor Load-out
    Anything obviously Tan camo.

    - Gear must be Green.
    It is fine if your BDU's are Woodland and your Gear Load-out is ATACS FG or Olive Drab or something like that.
    Just no ACU, Black, or otherwise Tan side color for your Gear Load-out.

    - Head Gear must match BDU's.
    As long as its obviously Green, its ok.
    It is fine if your BDU's are Woodland and your head-gear is ATACS FG or Olive Drab, or something like that.
    Just no ACU, Black, or otherwise Tan side color for your Head Gear.

    - Black:
    Black is considered Tan Side.
    The only thing NATO can wear Black in color are Boots and Gloves.
    You could probably get away with a Black belt and maybe a Black Holster, but I would prefer you did not wear Black at all.

    - Under-shirts / T-shirts:
    No Tan or Black T-shirts with a green vest over them.

    - Face Shields/Masks:
    Must be Green or an indiscriminate color.
    Tan, Black, ACU or anything that could be mistaken for Tan is a problem.

    Hunting Camo:
    - No Hunting Camo

    - Sniper Unit / Green:
    You can wear whatever Green camo you want as long as it meets the list above.
    We do not all have to have matching BDU's and Gear Load-out.


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    Re: Fulda Gap / Sniper Unit / Recruiting (Includes DMR)

    Post  vanevery on 02.09.13 20:44


    That is most of the info you need to have.
    There are some things I cannot be detailed about for they relate to planning and preparing strategically.

    Bottom Line:
    Sniper Unit is simply the most fun, interesting, and rewarding way to experience one of the worlds largest games.
    There is no other Unit that will bring the most out of your skills, get the most out of your weaponry, and where you will be relied upon like this. If you are interested in joining a Fraternity that appreciates the time, effort, and work you have put into building your skills, experience and knowledge as well as your weapons, then Sniper Unit is for you.
    I look forward to speaking with you.

    What now?
    - If you have questions, ask in this thread.
    - If you are interested in Joining Sniper Unit, PM me.

    Q: Can my Sniper Team join, not just me?
    A: Yes, I am definitely looking for guys who are a Sniper Team that already run together as a team, or are the snipers on their existing team.
    Q: Do I have to attend both days of game play to be considered for Sniper unit?
    A: Covered that already.
    Q: Can I use my Ghillie Suit?
    A: Yes, but prepared to only be able to use the top half of it, but bring all of it.
    Still seeking rules clarification on this.
    Also be prepared to not use it at all given the missions you are assigned and areas of the field you may be in most.

    Q: Do you really have to be at least 18 years old?
    A: Yes. No way around this. Even if it was not an Event rule, it would be my rule. No Exceptions!
    Q: Is this a MilSim game?
    A: No, it is a game open to the general public.
    In a Unit such as Sniper Unit, we make every effort to take a MilSim approach to the game.
    Logistically speaking, it is necessary to prepare for the large numbers in attendance and prepare for a three day event.

    Q: Do I have to shoot long range and have a gun that shoots max FPS for this event?
    A: No.
    I will need some Snipers/DMR that are specifically not at max FPS.
    Some areas of the field will simply accommodate less FPS better.
    If this interests you, let me know.

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    Re: Fulda Gap / Sniper Unit / Recruiting (Includes DMR)

    Post  vanevery on 14.09.13 15:18

    I have been asked this so I will make sure this point is clear.
    You do not have to shoot max fps or shoot long range to be part of Sniper Unit.
    Lower fps can be just as beneficial in certain areas of the field and as the Unit moves in on a target.

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    Re: Fulda Gap / Sniper Unit / Recruiting (Includes DMR)

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