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    Black Poison Airsoft (Recruiting)

    Post  Black Poison Airsoft on 14.10.13 16:32

    We've been around a while, but I've been too lazy to write one of these, but I guess I probably should at some point. We're a Georgia team, but we typically go to SC games hosted by the AOSC. If you showed up for TDC2, we were the team with the big black tank that fought for GA.

    Anyways, due to a unfortunate team dropout, we went from 9 members to 4, but luckily we're still afloat and looking to replenish our members and are thus openning up for recruitment. We're looking for players from North Georgia as we're based close to Commerce, GA. If you're interested, please PM me and I'll get back to you.

    We're most known for our airsoft tank, The Black Mamba, but some of you may have known us before we completed the tank in March. Right now we only have a team of 4, but we have a decent amount of experience with 3 years of games as of right now.

    Right now our current line up is -

    Bobby Kyle - Tank Driver, Tank Radioman, "The Leader"
    Tyler Kyle - Tank Gunner, Tank Officer
    Chandler Kyle - Infantry Commander, Auxiliary Tank Crew
    Christian Hanley - Tank Support Crew

    We concentrate on mixed infantry and armor support and have had very good luck with it. We've done nothing but scenario games throughout the team's life as the more competitive, small scale stuff isn't nearly as immersive. We thoroughly enjoy driving around in a blatantly OP tank, but it's much more fun when presented with a challenging enemy team that can utilize AT and the such. It's been noted that once you make a tank, you can no longer have a mind of your own and do whatever you want, but you become the slaves of the commander of said team. Which doesn't bother us any. It's nice to already know exactly what to do and have set objectives.  

    In the pictures, we're the ones wearing full BDU sets. Good old fashioned woodland camo. We have BDU's in Black, ATACS AU, and Woodland.

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