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    WTS: Upgraded Combat machine and Echo One S-system


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    WTS: Upgraded Combat machine and Echo One S-system Empty WTS: Upgraded Combat machine and Echo One S-system

    Post  TRex on 19.03.14 21:29

    Hey Guys,

    I had a problem with some deals, so I am reopening my thread.

    - Yes on Trades, especially if you have something really cool
    -I reserve the right not to sell to you for whatever reason.
    -Guns are sold As-Is (unless specified) (no refunds)
    -Will not hold items longer than a week
    -This Ad is about local sales, Pm me if your interested in out of area sales.
    -Preferred meeting places are SS Airsoft, Team Airsoft, and maybe other fields nearby

    -These are not in any way Real firearms, but are just high quality replicas*
    -Prices are negotiable
    -I consider all offers (even lowballs to some extent)
    -More stuff you buy, the better deal I can give you

    Trades I might like:
    -SCAR-H (MK17, SCAR-17)
    -An SR-25/AR-10/M110 of some sort
    -Any .308 (7.62 NATO) battle rifle or Assault Rifle
    -Mk18 Mod 0
    -KWA MP7
    -DD 12" or 9.5" RIS II
    -Black Metal A2 flashhiders
    - 4" KAC QD supressor
    -Anything Unique

    Doesn't hurt to offer your stuff, worst I can do is say no

    Echo One S-System:*

    WTS: Upgraded Combat machine and Echo One S-system ULBj9aB

    Completely Stock internals
    Desert Snakeskin Paint job (Brown over Tan)

    My Review: I picked up this gun in a trade a few weeks ago. It has seen little wear, and shoots great. Its about 375fps and shoots at around 16rps on my 7.4v lipo.

    The internals are great, shoots smooth, fast, and with decent accuracy. I have not done anything to the gun but open the GB shell to look for wear. I couldn't find any! It has a Echo 1 Blue Torque motor, and the rest are E1's tank internals

    I love the rail system, as it houses the battery. This gives you a limitless array of stock options. She shoots very smooth for a stock gun. I did do the paintjob, and can add some more snakeskin if you like.

    Its a perfect starter gun in my opinion, one of the best stock guns I have ever used. I wish I could keep it longer, but my computer needs to be replaced ASAP. PM for more info on that.

    Comes with:
    2 hicaps (Or midcaps)
    BUIS (Iron Sights)
    8.4v battery

    Let's start at $110 OBO
    G&G CM16:*

    WTS: Upgraded Combat machine and Echo One S-system 3RzUmyI

    -Madbull 6.03 TBB (363mm)
    -RS Delta Ring and Spring
    -MOE Stock
    -Sand Paint job (Solid, but can add Snakeskin or Stripes)
    -Broken Front Sight (cheap fix)
    -Fixed Magwell (PM for more info)

    My Review: Great little starter gun for younger me. It gets the job done and hasn't had any serious problems

    I have not even opened the GB before, so I have no idea if it has any wear on it yet. Shoots Straight, and would be a great Starter gun.*

    Not as good as the Echo 1 in my opinion, but has never really had a major problem. It is made of a better polymer externally than the Echo 1 though

    Comes with:
    8.4v Battery
    Carry Handle Sight (Tan)
    One High cap magazine

    Price: $90 or $80 without the MOE OBO
    *These are not real firearms, and can not be modified in any way to a firearm. They are also not toys, as they can cause harm to people, animals, plants, and property. Please use with care.

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