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    Twist Ignition Smoke Grenades

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    Twist Ignition Smoke Grenades

    Post  Lone Wolf on 28.04.09 19:23

    Well after a few weeks of brainstorming and designing...and sum procrastination.

    Ive found a surefire way to make a cheap ignition system for the smoke grenades I said I was going to make. However this ignition system is a little pricey on my wallet because I have to make the fuses in bulk.

    Now with the design I have added a safety mechanism. If you ever decide to comprise your own smoke mixture and pour it in one of my grenade shells and it were to happen to be too explosive. The bottom of the shell will blow out directing the blast from your body/hand and peers.

    I am going to add some variations in the sizes of these grenades. The small, which should fill up a 10x8' room in under 10 seconds. The average jolly which fills up a large living room space or garage in less than 10 seconds. or the Venti which will fill up about twice as much the average jolly in about the same amount of time. Each grenade composes different mixtures to insure the under 5 second rule. However slight variables in the cooking process could require longer burn times to fill up a room. Once ignited each grenade should last a minute if not more. Duration pends on size.

    Small: I estimate $10
    Average Jolly: $15
    Venti: $20

    Prices will be re-evaluated once I calculate final material costs.

    THIS IS NOT A PRE-ORDERING PROCEDURE, just a note. Mid june I should have the first batch ready for sale. Sorry I have obligations in the time between now and then so WAIT zOMG.


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