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    Systema Magnum Long Type

    UBCS Gibbs

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    Systema Magnum Long Type

    Post  UBCS Gibbs on 08.01.09 0:49

    Don't need it. With a li-po, I just use stock motors.

    Its never been used (okay.. it had 5 shots through it) but I had to steal the pinion gear off of it.

    $75 OBO

    I will trade for stock LONG or SHORT type motors. (More then one, or one and cash of course)

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    Re: Systema Magnum Long Type

    Post  Takfire on 08.01.09 22:25

    PM sent

    AIRDOG Airsoft...Get Bit!

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    Re: Systema Magnum Long Type

    Post  |337 on 08.01.09 23:01

    Why long your killing me

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    Re: Systema Magnum Long Type

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