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    Computer Repair/Upgrades


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    Computer Repair/Upgrades

    Post  XXX on 01.06.09 20:41

    Give you all a little background.

    I started building my own computer at age 12 (I am 17 now) with my Uncle, I bought a Dell and completely rebuilt it. I have been doing computer stuff ever since.

    A little background on my client's computers.
    I have recently started letting people know that I can fix computers, at my church. I have already had 5 computer jobs and everyone is extremely happy with my work. There is yet to be a computer that they have given me that I cant fix (I am working on my 6th one right now).

    What people have said about my work: (currently no one else has posted their appreciation on their facebook Smile )

    Clayton B. Callaway I want everyone to know that SHANE BARNARD is ONE AWESOME computer guy- my Compaq is LIKE NEW.. thanks Shane- you are gifted!! Everyone hire Shane!!!

    ^^^^^Again that's just one of them. If you want another one, PM me and I can ask someone to write a recommendation for me (or you can email them asking for what they thought of my work)

    I can do just about any computer repairs/upgrades software to. PM me with what your having trouble with and I can give you a price quote.

    *If I can not fix it I wont charge you. I understand the economy sucks and I will be completely fair to you, no outrageous repair costs like Geek Squad*

    Also if you have a computer that's been laying around in your closet but don't plan on using it ever again, I can come pick it up!

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    Re: Computer Repair/Upgrades

    Post  Airsoftguy238 on 01.06.09 20:45

    shane were(my family) selling two dell desktop computers that we never use

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    Post  noahwilbanks on 16.04.11 12:53

    Hey shane I am selling an acer laptop, a dell laptop, and a dell tower.
    They need to be reformated and i don't have a disc for them.
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    Re: Computer Repair/Upgrades

    Post  Newnan Airsoft Player on 16.04.11 18:04

    noahwilbanks wrote:Hey shane I am selling an acer laptop, a dell laptop, and a dell tower.
    They need to be reformated and i don't have a disc for them.

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    Re: Computer Repair/Upgrades

    Post  -a|ex on 17.04.11 1:22

    when you really get into the field, there's going to be a number of clients wanting their data recovered. the standard malware/adware cleanup is software driven, but learn to regedit. whenever i cleanup a PC, i always recommend a cost effective backup recovery system (2nd HD). for those that browse pr0n, i install shareware vmware to protect their PC from browser infections.

    hardware repairs are easy fixes, data recovery is the tricky part. sometimes, it's cheaper just to purchase a new PC instead of repair/upgrade and older one. a tip that you will need to learn, packet captures. it's one of the tools to monitor if and what kind of internet infection the PC has.

    good luck with your PC repair biz. once you get all your certs, you will be in high demand (i have Lucent Technology/Bell Labs and Disney in my resume and i'm always getting phone calls for IT jobs).

    ** necro posting/reply rox ***

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    Re: Computer Repair/Upgrades

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