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    Anyone Else get this weird PM


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    Anyone Else get this weird PM

    Post  Q-bald on 12.06.09 23:48

    andthenhewent wrote:Hey I was just wondering if you are going to Georgetown tomorrow for the night game. I would really appreciate it if I could borrow an AEG from you (any kind), I've got some really good bb's of my own, G&G .28 gram, because I wouldn't want to waste yours. Anyway let me know if you are first of all even going, and furthermore, if you acually have another AEg to borrow.

    thanks Brian

    Who is this GUY and why is he asking me this.....? andthenhewent,Home with your loaner?
    If this guy even knew me at all, He would know I Don't even have any gear yet lol!

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    Re: Anyone Else get this weird PM

    Post  Airsoftguy238 on 12.06.09 23:58

    I got it and didn't think much of it and told him no


    Re: Anyone Else get this weird PM

    Post  Guest on 13.06.09 0:00

    Spam message, makes me very angry actually, guy is asking for handouts. I have no qualms about lending people guns, you can ask ANYONE, I am the FIRST to lend out a gun, I do EVERY game, but if you flat out ask in that fashion (spamming everyone), then you dont deserve the gun. So all I have to say to that guy is GO BUY YOUR OWN.

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    Re: Anyone Else get this weird PM

    Post  reconsniperga on 13.06.09 0:01

    I did too. Just to let everyone know, please if you show up to GT, I wouldn't lend out your gun. As far as I know, this guy came out of the blue, and no one knows him. If you do know him please PM me.

    I need to temperarily lock this thread.


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    Re: Anyone Else get this weird PM

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