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    ACZ 9/27/13


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    ACZ 9/27/13  Empty ACZ 9/27/13

    Post  LORD TYRANT 29.09.13 10:57

    Awesome game Operators, lots of action & good force on force game play. The sniper game was fun 8 assault vs 4 snipers only 1sniper left & me with a guy with a spring pistol, it got intense moving up i finally shot out my South African special forces(SASF) brother. Doug ,David & I were trading some plastic the last game i was the only one left again i had Doug shooting at me from behind & about 4 opposing players advancing on my position took one with my HK45 last round slide rack player yells hit (Thank God) Doug & I hear 5sec left & I think both went Rambo on each other. All in all great game see you guys in 2 weeks we will do it again

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