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    Favorite hobbies

    {PWNY} RED

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    Re: Favorite hobbies

    Post  {PWNY} RED on 05.10.09 0:15

    uh tennis, xbox live, pickup games of football, scaring people, and my biggest hobby ( sorry guys even bigger than airsoft) MUSIC, listening to it, going to shows, writing it, playing it, and playing shows with my band EASTERN SKIES just about every weekend Smile www.myspace.com/thiseasternsky

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    Re: Favorite hobbies

    Post  {ACE}Steve-o on 05.10.09 2:07

    I used to barrel race horses, and i did Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

    Here is a video of me shooting. I had to wear a helmet because it was at a kid's camp. :'( O well....

    (if your not my facebook friend IDK if you can see that video.....you can add me on facebook (just let me know your from MAA))

    other than that the things that my life revolve around are: Girlfriend, MUSIC (i play guitar/write songs), and of course airsoft.

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